Office of the Clerk - Mauritius National Assembly

​Office​ of the Clerk

Title Name Ext Email address
Clerk of the National Assembly Marie Lyndia Yannick LEGENTIL 204 clerkrra@rragov.mu
Confidential Secretary Doris AUGUSTE-RAMDALLY 206 secretariat.rra@intnet.mu
Confidential Secretary Marie Fabienne RAFFAUT 205 regionalassembly@intnet.mu
Reporter Devi JUGROOP 211 devi.jugroop@rragov.mu
Assistant Reporter Stenie ALLAS 210
Library Clerk Jean David ISMAEL 214 david.ismael@rragov.mu
Office Management Assistant Marie Jeanette CUPIDON 221
Office Auxiliary Julie PASNIN 201
Office Auxiliary Liberman MARTIN 201
Office Auxiliary Jameson MARIANNE 201
Handy Worker Diona FLORE 201
Driver Stephanio RAPHAEL 201